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10 dozen packages ordered to smart mailboxes = 395 marathons


Do you think that a small detour to the store to pick up a parcel from the parcel machine is not a big-time for you? But will your opinion change if we tell you that with the same time you could go through Ironman or read the whole “Truth and Justice” book in a year?

Like everyone does, we also summarized how our 2021 passed. We looked at the statistics and found some exciting examples of how using a smart mailbox saves you valuable time!

So we would like to share with you what numbers 2021 contained - maybe you can get inspiration for the new year of how you can use your time even more efficiently with smart solutions!

2021. in numbers:

  • The ParcelSea smart mailbox is used as much as a vacuum cleaner - an average of 2 times a week.
  • Every day last year, the package was also sent out via a smart mailbox.
  • In December, Santa Claus was especially active to send gifts directly to the smart mailbox - nearly 3000 (it's a record) gift packages reached the boxes of the smart mailbox instead of the chimney.
  • Also, help was always close - even if there was a problem with the home parcel box, it took less than an hour to get to the scene and fix the smart mailbox!
  • And what's most exciting: since the installations, in 8 months, more than 10 000 packages have been ordered in the smart mailbox!

Let's move on with this last fact: let's say, for example, that a visit to a parcel machine takes a minimum of 10 minutes. This means that when ordering a package, a ParcelSea private parcel machine won its users 70 days! This in turn means that every Estonian who has ordered a smart mailbox has won time to run 1 full-length marathon!



It's even better! We also saw from the statistics that ordering parcels to a smart mailbox is increasing every month, so customers are winning time more and more – probably fewer (grocery) shops are visited, fewer emotional purchases are made, no time is spent finding a parking space, going home to wait for the courier or waiting in a parcel machine queue. 

If time hacking fits in with your 2022 goals, you can order a smart mailbox ➡️ here!