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First 2 successful prototypes!

ParcelSea smart mailbox 2 successful prototypes

We are happy to announce the completion of two successful prototypes! What is expected from us in the upcoming weeks?

As we have two competing designs with slightly different user experience, we are very keen to test the results with our early adopters. As mentioned in previous posts, we have interviewed a pool of people to understand the requirements for the design and functionalities in the past months. Now is the time to validate, which design is the most suitable for further fine tuning.

We are planning to complete the #MVP version one before Christmas! In order to get essential feedback from the field, we will assemble the first batch of smart mailboxes and install them in January. In addition we plan to launch our new website in early December with clear info on the product and ordering details.

If you would like to be among the first ones who can put our smart mailbox to use, please contact us at or fill in the order form at our website: