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ParcelSea pulls out of the parcel world and offers customers a laundry service


The domestic ParcelSea startup’s smart mailbox is getting smarter every day, and the modern mailbox is no longer just for improving the last mile of parcel service. ParcelSea is also moving rapidly out of the parcel world, already helping households in three different countries - Estonia, Finland, and Germany.

If a year ago a three-compartment weatherproof private parcel machine was helping people with receiving parcels, and a little later with sending parcels, then today the smart mailbox also helps households to wash their laundry! The laundry should simply be left in the secure cell of the smart mailbox and washed and ironed laundry will be back in the same cell in just a few days.

The modern and well-thought-out design of the ParcelSea smart mailbox is highly appreciated by the ParcelSea partners and clients. The manufacturer of smart mailboxes says that in its first year of operation, it has proven that a functional box that can help homes can also be attractive – it is also one of the biggest reasons why existing customers have ordered it!

Step by step, ParcelSea's electronics, and software development has reached a whole new level of capability, allowing them to build a service platform. The focus is on those daily activities that are repetitive on the one hand and cumbersome and time-consuming on the other

Is this the future of smart mailbox – to help with household chores? Andres Sampka, co-founder and CEO of ParcelSea, looks to the future.


“In addition to the aforementioned laundry service, we will continue to offer our customers the opportunity to re-order the most common food products, vegetables and fruits, household chemical products, and why not, simpler but constantly worn clothing items. Our service platform is becoming more diverse, as a smart mailbox is ideal for all items in the ecosystem that can be delivered, retrieved for maintenance, return, or recycling. ”

ParcelSea is also able to support the mini-department store sector in the Facebook Marketplace. Through smart back-end software solutions, it is possible to order transport directly from the ParcelSea environment, where couriers can collect products from the seller's smart mailbox and deliver them to the customer's smart mailbox.

With the implementation of the service platform, ParcelSea is hoping to make people's lives more pleasant and enable them to live life without unnecessary everyday problems. "At the same time, we can reduce wasteful transport and reduce environmental impacts that the average person often does not notice," adds Sampka.

Coming out with such extra services is definitely not going to be the last for ParcelSea. The company's goal is to simplify everyday tasks so that in today's fast-paced world, you have more time to focus on what's important!

If you want to join on this journey with us, February is the best time to join, because if you order now, you can get a smart mailbox for 3 months free of charge!